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 I am Polly Berndt and Rabbit Hill Gallery is my collection of nature photography and art. 
My husband and I reside in a country home that we lovingly restored in Hartville, Ohio. 
We adopted the name “Rabbit Hill”, which was passed down through the many years of this property,
so fitting with the setting of ”Rabbit Hill”, Robert Lawson’s wonderful children’s book.

I was born in 1950  amidst  the quaint  farming  community  of  Merrill,  Wisconsin, 
where I enjoyed the rolling countryside, clear skies and the simplistic lifestyle.
The town is known as “the city of parks” and throughout  this  little  village
 the river pushes its way under many bridges and through tree covered passageways. 
Merrill was my home for the first twenty years of my life. 
I married my husband, Fred, in 1970. We lived in Chicago
until we moved to Ohio in 1976 where we reside today.
We have been blessed with a son, two daughters, two sons-in-law and a granddaughter. 


I began painting in 1985. My first painting was a Christmas gift to my husband
which was a New England maple sugaring scene that I painted
on a board that came from the bottom of an old dog house.
It was inspired by our love for New England
and old traditions and customs we value.
He thought it was the best Christmas gift ever and
gave me strong encouragement to continue painting.


Within a couple years I began showing my work and
received the best of show honor at the Massillon Museum, Massillon Ohio
with my little painting with the big heart,  "Moonlit Village".

With responsibilities that come from a growing family, teaching Bible studies and piano,
I chose to limit my shows and exhibitions. Most of my paintings were commissioned work
except for my families personal collections.

My paintings are childlike, simplistic paintings and are influenced by my love for the beauty of nature and animals,
my faith in God, the joys of my childhood and also tender family memories of my husband and children. 
I love creating delightful scenes that are full of color and joy.




  In 2007, I began creating and painting cachets for First Day Covers.
These are envelopes that are issued by the post office the first day a new stamp is issued.
The design or cachet I paint on the envelope follows the theme of the stamp.
My cachets are unique in the style of painting and also because many times they are limited to only one of a kind.
My cachets on First Day Covers have become collectible with philatelists in the US and Canada.





This is my story of how I became interested in nature photography.
I hope it will be an encouragement to those of you who stand beside friends and family in their struggles.
In 1994, my best friend passed away after a very difficult illness that lasted several years.
She taught me more than a library of knowledge about strength, courage and hope.
After this trying time, the loss became a blessing, my sadness was lifted and the world felt new.
The sky was bluer, the grass greener, the whole world of nature came alive. 
I considered this God's sweet gift to me after those difficult years.
I borrowed my husband's camera and spent endless hours in nature capturing
the beauty that was hidden behind those dark clouds during those years. 

As I began accumulating what I considered a nice collection of photos,
I found that writing verses and designing greeting cards was greatly fulfilling, thus was the beginning of Rabbit Hill Gallery.

Today much of my photography is taken on the beautiful grounds and in the gardens of Rabbit Hill,
in the woods of Quail Hollow State Park in Hartville, Ohio, in the many charming nooks and crannies of New England
and in the spectacular mountains of the Adirondacks. 
I believe my art expresses the love and respect I have for God's creation
as well as the love for the many four legged creatures you see in my photographs.
The numerous bird photos are mostly taken out of my kitchen window at Rabbit Hill.

My hope is that my photography will encourage reflection and gratefulness to God
for His unending love and for the beauty He provides each day for our pleasure. 
These photographs are intended to exalt the Creator rather than the creation, 
to awaken an awareness of the beauty surrounding us every day in the simplest of places
and to encourage praise to the One who gives us every good and perfect gift. 


Whether you are interested in photography, fine art or hand painted cachets email PollyBerndt@aol.com or call 330-417-6827
to inquire about custom designs, enlargements of any of the photographs or to discuss commissioning your own memory painting.